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We strive to create extraordinary products from simple and all-natural ingredients. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality, freshness and flavorful. After all, it is our belief that low-carb ingredients are simple yet tasty which define the taste of health.

Ketogenius Kitchen is selling Keto-friendly products that provides low carbohydrates foods which reduced the possibility of weight gain (reduced unutilized carbohydrates converts to glucose and stored as fat). 

Our products are suitable for people who followed low-carb diet or people who just wanted to remain a healthy lifestyle as all our products are low in carbohydrates and sugar free. By consuming our product, you don’t have to worry about weight gain and the negative health effects on your body. All our products In the market are truly the freshest and premium which you will definitely be impressed. 

Our products range from slow roasted low-carb nuts, sugar free dried fruits, low-carb/ keto granola, keto cookies, keto baking ingredients to sugar free nut & seed butter.

Why is our product different? 

Prioritize on Quality

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We import freshly dried nuts and dried fruits only. Our products are 100% low in carbohydrate and sugar free. We use the best quality ingredients in all our products. 

Special Handling Method

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Our products are slow roasted using low temperature. This takes many hours and resources, but it allows us to ensure their optimum taste and to maintain their nutrient.

Variety of Product 

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We offered various range of products which cater to your needs. We have an extensive library of low-carb nuts, natural sweet dried fruits and nut butters flavours with various taste to suit our customers. 

Made to order 

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All our products are roasted and produced daily. We worked hard to ensure all our products deliver its optimum taste. 

Packed to demand


Our products come in convenient, portable resealable bags. We packed it in various size to ease your different occasion. You can easily take it with you, eat whenever you need and reseal for freshness. It is so convenient and fresh for you to enjoy. 


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We truly appreciate the support from our customer. By just registering your account with us, you will be rewarded additional rebate and promotion upon checkout. We are doing this to encourage a healthy lifestyle from everyone as low-carb makes a healthier lifestyle.

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